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We Are Crafters - Just like You

We Are Quilters, Knitters, Crocheters and Painters
In Person Crafting Classes Soon to be Popping Up Around the Rochester, New York Area

Come Join Us! 

Hello and Welcome!  My name is Ruth Michael and I am passionate about crafts.  I love crochet, knitting, painting, hand sewing and just recently quilting.  I have always wanted to create a space where fellow crafters could come together and work on their projects in a warm and inviting atmosphere.  I also wanted to help others in the community.  

















You can help support the SOC Project- Supporting our Community- by donating hats, scarfs, mittens, etc.  We fill tote bags with these items and give them out to people in need in our community.  


 Last year we provided 22 tote bags to the Esther Project.  They were able to give our tote bags to mothers and their children.




Coming this fall, I will be hosting different pop up events around the Rochester area.  


 In the meantime, I do hope you join our online community.  This is a great place to share with everyone what you are working on and to get to know your fellow crafters. 


Over the past few years, I have been searching for just the right space to create a crafters haven.  This past year my brother and I purchased our family home.  The house, which is located in N. Chili, NY, is an 1840 farmhouse which has been in our family for 4 generations.  Needless to say the house is in need of some TLC. Currently we are in the process of rennovating the downstairs.  The process has been slow but the final result will be well worth the wait!

Tentative Date of Grand Opening:  2025 where we will be hosting Sleep in Your Own Bed Retreats as well as workshops and events for all types of crafts.  

Below are a few pictures of the rennovations.  Currently we are working on the kitchen and downstairs bathroom and should be finished by end of May.  I will continue adding new photos; so please check back.

Hat & Scarf Drive Website_edited.jpg


phone:  (855) 918-2647

4120 Union St., N. Chili NY

Sip, Stitch, Repeat

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